Crucial Things to do 8 weeks before the Move [2020 CHECKLIST]

Once you have decided that you are moving, you need to keep certain things in mind. I repeat, ‘Certain things in mind, prior moving’! I also did move couple of weeks ago, and I don’t want you to go through the same obstacles. Okay, let’s get started!

1. Keep, sell, give or trash

We don’t know what we want and what we don’t want, unless we go thoroughly. So, before leaving, go through your home and decide which things are worth the trouble to move, which you don’t want and could potentially sell, which you might want to donate, and which you should throw away.

2. Create a binder

Gather important information and documents regarding your move. For instance, estimates, moving company essentials, purchase or rental agreements for your new home, and an inventory of items that could potentially get lost or damaged during the move.
bind all your details

3. Plan what will go where in your

If you can acquire a floor plan of your new home, intrigue out where you intend to place your furniture. If there is a piece that won’t fit, it’s best to figure out now, before you have gone through the trouble of moving it.


4. Investigate companies to help with your move

It is better to stay on the safer side. We cannot find a moving company instantly, or rely on it completely. It’s better if you have hand full of persons when you need. It’s okay if your friends are helping in moving. But if not, these are the potential professionals that could ease you while moving.

5. Create an inventory

Focus on the things that are the most important and/or valuable to you. You can note down as a checklist so that you will be using the list at the end of the move to make sure that everything made through safely. It’s also a good idea to take photos of items prior to the move. That would make it easier for you to claim for reimbursement from the moving company, in case of damage caused to the items.

Inventory for moving

6. Organize school records

If you have kids, schedule to have their records transferred to the new school they’ll be attending after the move. Moving can be stressful but if you are organized and thorough, you will be less likely to run into snags.

school records for children

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