Mobile Automation Testing Tutorial For Beginners

The functional testing is also known as the UI testing of the software product which ensure the overall quality. The perfecto has the ability to perform in-depth functional testing in mobile devices through the mobile cloud. Test developers can freely install third-party applications or APK files on the remote devices using their Install widget. Upon formation, the application will be visible in the Application list of the device. The automation tools work based on OCR based text and image recognition mechanism thatenables the device to analyze and test the applications’ user interface without any limitation.

mobile testing tutorial

While choosing the device model, if necessary, memory size, connectivity, etc can also be taken into account. 96% of world population has mobile subscription of some kind. So a smartphone is no less than a magic lamp making your day to day life much smart and easy. As per the survey on the most important inventions of the 21st century, Smartphones were the answer from the majority. Install and launch the Appium server on your device before starting the testing procedures. We can create an Account with Kobiton and access their Real Cloud Hosted Mobile Devices from our browsers itself.

How To Get Apppackage And Appactivity?

Examples of such applications are Instagram, Uber, Gmail, etc. Mobile web application, as the name implies, works solely on mobile browsers. They are developed in web-based languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Also, it does not require installation or update by the users, and it is budget-friendly.

Emulators – these are extremely helpful in the initial stage of development as they allow for quick and efficient testing of the app. Mobile application testing is important as well, because the clientele can be in the millions for a particular product. This can lead to irreparable brand damage, legal issues, and monetary losses. Frequent updates (like Android-4.2, 4.3 and 4.4, iOS-5.x and 6.x) are recommended.

Limited access to the devices often used in the foreign countries. Make the analysis to define the most popular and used gadgets in the market. Native Apps creation is expensive in comparison to the Mobile Web apps. Limited functionality in the comparison with Hybrid and Native Apps.

  • When the Add Expense screen appears, right-click the Description field and select wait for element, enter 10 seconds.
  • This type of test verifies the correct behavior of interactions between different user apps or between user apps and system apps.
  • A mobile app testing framework helps automate the testing of your mobile applications.
  • Appium allows the uses of the available WebDriver client for firing the tests.
  • Perfecto provides many commands and methods to perform the test automation activities.

Espresso is a native testing framework for Android to write reliable UI tests. Google released the Espresso framework in October 2013 and, as of release version 2.0, Espresso is part of the Android Support Repository. One of the important features in Espresso is that it automatically synchronizes your test actions with the user interface of your application. The framework also ensures that your activity is started before the test runs.

Software Testing And Mobile Testing Tutorial For Beginners

Espresso supports writing test scripts in Java and Kotlin. The automated testing is done using an in-built web-based user interface design,which permits the conception of tests scripts which are easy to design and easy to use without any code. The commands containing the hands are readily available on the websites in the form of widgets. Test developers just right to click on the authorities to add to the scripts and define its properties in the user interface. Keyword-based Script Once technology permit engineers to create test scripts.

Ever-changing mobile and browser releases need an up-to-date testing atmosphere. It enables immediate connection to the most recent Android and iOS platforms. It also supports the latest Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers. App stores such as Google Play Store and App Store are used to install native apps. Native apps are compatible with one platform, while mobile web apps can be used on multiple platforms. Native apps are designed for mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones.

Business functionality of your app like banking, social networks, ordering and delivery of food, education, tickets, the game industry, etc. Mobile Object Spy – for information on how Rapise connects to the device and lets you view the objects in the tested application. Mobile Testing, for an overview of mobile testing with sub-sections on testing. App – this needs to the path to the Application being tested on the device.

Popular test automation solutions are open-source – Selenium 4, Cypress and Robotium. Selenium is used to automate and run different web browsers and works efficiently How to Improve Mobile Testing Skills with all coding languages such as Python, C#, and Java. Robotium is majorly used for user function, acceptance, and development tests for android.

The Complete Guide To Mobile Automation Testing

When a company is moving from the old system to the new system and synchronization is performed, it becomes necessary to check the legacy data is imported from one system to another. The benefits that we can get from parallel testing is that it saves time and effort as the testing is done simultaneously. Also, parallel testing has better test coverage as you test your app on various device browser-OS combinations. Both Android and iOS have more than 10 versions of their operating systems. They keep enhancing and updating their versions for better performance and user experiences.

Any business that is looking to implement automation app testing uses a testing framework technique. The most favored testing structures are data-driven, keyword-driven, linear scripting, and modular testing. This mobile automation testing method is imperative as it assists QA teams to analyze and validate the results quickly and effectually with less physical effort. Similar to the case of Android devices, Appium uses the JSON wire protocol for iOS devices as well. Here, it uses Apple’s UIAutomation API to interact with the user interface elements for automated iOS device testing.

“Thanks to Sauce Labs, we are able to ensure that our apps work on over 700 browser/ OS combinations, 172 device emulators and over 300 unique real devices.” This page provides step-by-step instructions for setting up mobile testing with Appium to enable iOS mobile device testing through Provar. In such high competency ratio, you have to be sure that apart from offering something innovative and interesting to your customers your application should also be free from any glitches. And hence, mobile app testing is becoming very important. Interactive testing means to perform the testing by interacting with the real device keeping in hands. The Perfecto Mobile cloud allows to connect the real devices and browsers quickly and do the testing by interacting just like own device.

# Adding And Checking An Expense

As these apps run via web browsers they essentially require internet access. Web apps are not standalone apps that are installed in the devices hence they do not have access to all the mobile features like the Bluetooth, contact information, and camera roll. Also, as the app runs via the internet they do not take much device storage. These are the pros and cons of Web Apps and the technology used are Web apps are designed using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and similar programming languages used for web work. This application combines both qualities of native and web applications. They can be installed on native apps devices but still run through browsers.

QA can easily test the product with automated app testing tools, prepare the bug/error reports, and analyze the actual results with the intended results. To keep up with growing customer expectations, mobile applications must be high-performing and compatible with a fleet of devices that are available in the market. Hence companies are leaving no stone unturned to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

Verify your team has successfully fixed all detected bugs (Re-testing or Confirmation testing). Put it simply, the test cases that originally detected the bugs are run again. Ensure the process of data recovery after a break in the connection. Examine user files and prevent their possible harmful effects. Provide session management to protect information from unauthorized users. Protect the application from malicious attacks on clients.

mobile testing tutorial

In-order to take screenshots of the Mobile App screen in our Mobile Devices, we need to find-out the way of taking screenshots in different mobile devices. We may have to check whether our Mobile Apps under test are working with different mobile devices having different form factors. Supported mobile devices list on which the Mobile Application has to be tested will be generally provided by the client. Application which is developed for working on any supported mobile device is known as Mobile Application. EasyQA SDK is the set of features, developed by our team, to make software testing process more effective and simpler. People who have experience with working with similar type apps, better yet, with the previous version of the application are chosen to the role of beta testers.

Memory Leakage Testing:

Automation is a great way to automate repetitive tasks such as regression testing and performance testing. A variety of mobile devices are available with different screen sizes and configurations, including trackballs, virtual keypads , hard keypads and virtual keypads. While many native apps do not require an Internet connection, mobile web apps do. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice test mobile testing series.

Build The Most Comprehensive Mobile App Testing Strategy, From Development To Production

Swipe is a gesture, where we touch the screen and move the finger without releasing from the screen in any required direction. Long Press or Press is a gesture, where we touch the screen and hold it for a period of time. Spread is a gesture, where we place two fingers on the screen and move them away from each other for zoom out purposes. Pinch is a gesture, where we place two fingers on the screen and move them together for zoom in purposes.

Moreover, cloud testing process reduces the cost, time, and increases the testing efficiency. The QA team also faces challenges when it has to test the devices connected to different networks. These provide different data transfer speeds and transmission. These varying speeds of the networks by various providers remain a challenge for the testers even today. In this case, testers have to check that the app must perform well at different network speeds and connectivity quality and a check on bandwidth usage of the app. This remains a challenge as it is partially controllable based on different network providers and connectivity access in different geographies.

Cypress Testing

Therefore, it plays a significant role in providing software faster and fundamentally decreases the regression testing period. To tap into this market, companies are targeting customer engagements for their applications by introducing new features every few weeks. To deliver applications in record time, the pressure to deliver a reliable product that is bug-free and performs well is non-negotiable for businesses.

Manual Vs Automated Testing

The bootstrap.js file works as a TCP server that sends the test command for acting on the iOS device with the help of Apple’s UIAutomation API framework. This makes it essential to have a testing process that is not only quick but also has more comprehensive coverage to meet the requirements successfully. Naturally, app testingcomes as the best choice to meet these requirements. As per a report from Statista, the number of mobile application downloads worldwide is projected to rise from being approximately 178 billion in the year 2017 to over 258 billion by 2022.

Espresso is perfect for Android user interface testing, made by Google. But at the end, despite of these differences between these simulators and emulators, we use both of them for testing our Mobile Apps when real mobile devices are not in place. Mobile Emulators and Simulators are nothing but the Software Programs which will help us in simulating the features of the real devices which are actually required for our mobile testing. We have to open the websites which are enabled for mobile browsing using the browsers provided in the supported mobile devices (i.e. Smart Phone and Tablets) and then test them.

This puts a lot of responsibility on the brands to deliver the best user experience for their app users. Nearly 71% of the app users tend to uninstall an app due to reasons like high loading speed, complicated navigation, technical issues, disturbing notifications, and advertisements. Hence brands are focusing on Mobile App Testing to provide seamless functioning of the app to their users. With the growing number of mobile apps, the technology for mobile app testing is also advancing. But, before exploring the technological advancements of mobile app testing let’s take a step back to understand the basics.

Examine the operability of the application for long time work, under normal load. Ensure that the application components are synchronized with the user’s actions. An ability not only to test, but also update and manage apps in the cloud. In fact, an emulator is the original device replacement. Though you can run soft and apps on your gadget, you have no ability to modify them. Let’s consider the main points and challenges we should face to.

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